If the business website contains no videos, it may be the reason sales are not where projections indicated they would be at this time. Videos for marketing were traditionally used sparingly on websites until results began to increase. Many marketing surveys conducted indicate that most browsers will hit a pro-offered “Play” button while on a website. A video is a quick and cost-effective way to grab attention, spotlight a product and measure the results. Products are more memorable because people respond better to visuals, and it is easier for them to spot the product on the shelves if they have seen the packaging.

Combining video marketing services with email marketing campaigns improves results, generates leads and makes tracking customers and purchases easier. Including an email spot at the beginning of a video, depending on which platform is used for campaigns, can automate follow-up emails, collect extensive data, and help make a connection with customers. A single email can provide a business with the age, gender, location, interests, and social profile of a person. A newsletter, a coupon, or a survey emailed to that person can switch a browser into a customer. The videos have to be creative, relevant and updated often to grab attention and keep people returning to the website.

A user-friendly platform allows businesses to create videos, send out email campaigns, set up automation, and integrate customer response management into one adaptable system. The mobile-friendly platform includes email features such as free templates and free image hosting, a drop and drag interface, data-driven segmentation, real-time reports, and the ability to import existing contacts from a file or another service. Businesses will be able to view the full history of a contact on one page, control content, add subscription forms for lead generation, personalize campaigns, and enjoy real-time spam prevention.

Managed services ensure that emails are delivered, manage videos, and deal with any issues. There are three available levels of services, a free trial is available, pricing is simple, and there are no set-up fees. Integrate systems, other platforms, and payment systems to add to the success of business marketing campaigns.